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Reliable Courseware Hosting

Secure, scalable delivery network ensuring your content is reliably delivered no matter where your learner is, or what LMS they are accessing. Our enterprise cloud hosting application provides the best experience while protecting your IP.

Content Types

LTI, SCORM 1.2 or 2004 eLearning course packages - we support Relay and Dispatch packages as well. Video (.avi, .mov, .mp4, .mov) can also be loaded and will be converted into our video player that allows for bookmarking and completion marking. LTI can also be used and will be converted to SCORM for easy playback in your customer's LMS.

Flexible Licensing Options

Protect your content by applying the rules.  Restrict individual content or entire libraries, number of accesses and duration of use to individuals and/or organizations.

Version Control & Updates 

Control your content with seamless updating.  When a new version of your content is available, you can guarantee the learners will receive it.  We make it simple for you to make necessary updates to your content, without interrupting students already in process.  

Superior Industry Knowledge & Support

Make your content available to any LMS.  Whether deploying content to a single LMS or thousands of students across multiple platforms, Course Container provides the flexibility to meet your unique requirements.

Reporting & Analytics 

Receive detailed metrics on your content's activity. Gain visibility into who has accessed your content, course progress and more.  Analyze behavior and optimize access by modifying content, updating licenses and more. Want student completion data, we've got it for you!